Air Purification

Cosa-Tron-logo-lg CosaTron Systems are the only air purification technology on the market which control contaminants and have no negative side effects. CosaTron technology is designed to reduce the level of contaminants in a building by enhancing the filtration process, without generating ozone or ionizing the air. Additional benefits to installing CosaTron include, reduced overall facility operating costs, improved comfort of occupants, reduced health risks related to poor indoor air quality and a reduction in the amount of energy the HVAC system requires. CosaTron Air Purification Systems are custom designed and tailored to solve specific indoor air quality issues in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings worldwide. There are over 33,000 systems in operation today across 18 countries. These installations include schools, government buildings, medical facilities, office complexes, retail stores, manufacturing plants and many others. Please contact Borie Davis at 770-242-0650 for additional information.